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What are CartBagz?

CartBagz are a set of 4 detachable and reusable shopping bags that fit quickly and easily into a shopping cart. With CartBagz, packing your groceries and other merchandise is a breeze! You will never have to use another plastic bag again! 
The front bag (blue bag) is also a fully insulated bag which is perfect for keeping your refrigerated groceries fresh! Since you'll have two hands to pack into the upright bags, you will be in and out of the grocery line in a fraction of the time, and you will be doing it in style!
CartBagz are made with high quality fabric that is extremely durable, machine washable and fully recyclable! The horizontal rods are made of high density polyethylene which handle weight far better than conventional wooden rods that bend and break. When you need to wash the bags, simply remove the rods and place the bags in the washing machine on their own so as not to get ps.
CartBagz are designed to fit in all standard bucket North American shopping carts.
Now start packing smart, buy your set today!
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