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Wondering how to use your CartBagz set?

Follow these simple steps and you will be packing smart in no time!

Step 1: Hang your CartBagz from the back of your shopping cart and shop as you normally would, adding your groceries inside the cart. 

Step 2: Unload your groceries onto the conveyor belt, rest your CartBagz on your cart and spread them out to the full length of your cart. 
Step 3: Now you have two hands to organize and pack your groceries! 
Step 4: Now that you have packed your groceries, simply detach your CartBagz from the Velcro strips and place them in the your car. 
Step 5: Once you have finished unloading, reattach your CartBagz along the velcro strips and put them back in your car for your next shopping trip! 
Watch the video for more information!

Now start packing smart, BUY your set today!

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