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What are CartBagz made of? 

We have upgraded our material and CartBagz are made of heavy duty 130g non-woven fabric and are held by high density polyethylene rods that handle far better than regular wooden rods. CartBagz are designed to be used for many many years and when it comes time for retiring them, they are of course completely recyclable!

Is there an insulated bag to keep my refrigerated items cold?

YES! The front blue bag is fully insulated and can be kept shut with velcro strips so as to maintain the cool temperature of your refrigerated items. 

How much weight can each bag handle?

A whopping 40 pounds! CartBagz are made of high quality non woven fabric which fairs better in stress tests than other cheaper grade fabrics. However, to further reduce the likelihood of tearing, we suggest placing the heavier items in the smaller CartBagz and the bulky light items in the large black bag (i.e- paper towels, diapers, cereal etc.)

Do CartBagz fit in all shopping carts?

CartBagz are designed to fit in ALL standard bucket carts in Canada & USA! Our rods are also wide enough to be used on extra wide carts such as those used at Costco and Sam's Club!

Are CartBagz machine washable?

YES! You simply remove the rods from the openings at the sides of each rod and throw the CartBagz into your washing machine! You should wash them on their own so as not to get lint stuck on the Velcro strips. 

Now start packing smart, buy your set today!

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